Fantastic Label

Age: 11

Size: 15/2

Color: Sorrel

Price: $4,500.00

Fantastic Label (Tango) is a registered broke to death "Hey look at me" kind of horse. He is always posing. Spent his 1st few years in the show rink and was very successful. His papers read like the who's who of walking horses. He has an old time plantation gait and can move on if you ask him to. He has been a trail horse for the past several years. Belonged to a 78 year old war vet who gave up quarter horses and went gaited after his back was injured in the war. This boy is so smooth. Very smart and always aware of his surroundings. He is as flashy and fancy going as they come. He has been there and done that and seen it all, so no spook in him. He loves people and will follow you in the round pen for attention. This boy is the real deal. He has it all. Looks, temperament, size, and the papers to back it up.

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