Age: 7

Size: 15/3

Color: Palomino

Price: $4,000.00

Treasure is everything his name says. He is so beautiful. Dark dappled/almost chocolate palomino. White blaze/mane/and tail. Treasure is a complete love bug on the ground. He loves people and attention. With looks like his, attention finds him. Treasure stands calmly for ferrier and grooming. Loads and unloads from trailer with no issue. He backs up, neck reins, stretches out, and side passes. He is an excellent trail horse. Has a long strided walk. He does great with other horses. Treasure does have a little energy and needs a confident, forgiving rider. If you and he click, he will be one very fun ride for you. Kristin, who is 15, has done most of the riding and all of the training on Treasure. We have owned him 8 months now and have put a lot of miles on him.

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