Age: 13

Size: 14/1

Color: Dun

Price: $3,500.00

Bolero is a registered paso fino with the most beautiful head and 49" thick black mane. He is a gorgeous dun with dorsal stripe. Has 2 back boots and a star. Bolero is very gentle, but still a bit green. He was turned out with other horses and forgotten for 9 years. He had professional training between ages 2 and 4. He is extremely intelligent and is doing so good at relearning quickly. We have worked on following, ground tying, standing at pedestal, basic cues, and lots of trail exposure. Bolero has amazing papers. He would be an absolute star in a parade or show rink. He is so good on the trails, and getting better every day. He would be good for any experienced rider or a confident beginner. He is getting so sweet and really wants someone to bond with. You won't find one any prettier for this price.

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