Age: 8

Size: 14/2

Color: RedRoan

Price: $6,000.00

Meet Deacon. This is Gage's favorite critter in the barn. Deacon is an 8 year old gaited mule broke for nearly anyone to ride. Deacon is a beautiful red roan with palomino under belly and feet. If his mane grew out, it would be a beautiful flax and gray. Deacon stands for anything. Clippers, ferrier, tacking, grooming, and mounting. Deacon neck reins, canters, loads/unloads, stands on the tie line, and has been on many overnight camping trips. This is as nicely gaited and gentle of a mule as we have had. Built like a tank. Stands 14/2. You will LOVE him!!!!

Deacon Deacon Deacon Deacon Deacon Deacon
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