Age: 6

Size: 14/3

Color: Tobiano

Memphis is a 6 year old registered Tennessee Walker. He stands 14/3 and boasts the blue roan and white tobiano color. Memphis had a year off and is a bit rusty, but we jumped right on him. Stephi rode him at wranglers this past Saturday. A little ground work and a few wet saddle pads and this guy is going to be amazing. He has only known trail riding and camping, but he would look gorgeous in a show too. Memphis likes people and is easy to catch. Memphis has a very nice smooth gait and canters above it. Memphis is a ride and drive horse. We hooked him to the cart and he took to it like he had done it his whole life. Can't wait to do his video, but we may be 30 days away from a full video. I can get gaiting and walking clips now if interested. More information coming as this guy improves.

Memphis Memphis Memphis Memphis Memphis Memphis
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