Age: 4

Size: 14/2

Color: SilverDapple

Price: $6,000.00

I got some new eye candy for you. Who loves a silver dappled chocolate? I know I do, and I've got one. This is Cookie. She is a 4 year old silver dappled mare. Stands 14/2 and still filling out, and may possibly grow a little more. Cookie is an in your pocket kinda girl. Broke for nearly anyone, but can get on down the road if you call on her. She is gentle and sweet on the ground and under saddle. No mare behavior. Loves to be in the pasture, but easy to catch. She has a heavy winter coat and you can still see all those dapples. Imagine how she will. Look this spring when she sheds off!!! Oh my she will be mind blowing beautiful. Flax mane and tail and just a little white on her face. Cookie is all that, and the box of cookies!!! $6000.

Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie
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