Age: 5

Size: 34 inches

Color: Chocolate

Price: $2,500.00

Meet Cocoa. I just want to eat this cute little thing up!!!! 34 inch tall 5 year old mini pony. Cocoa is a gorgeous chocolate with flax mane and tail. One white ear and one chocolate one. I love her unusual blaze, but those eyes!!!! 2 gorgeous blue eyes. Cocoa is super sweet. Loves attention. Comes right to you whenever she has a visitor. Body scratches are her favorite. She rides and drives. Hits a little gaited shuffle, and Troy's above that. We will have a video soon. If you know anyone looking for a gentle pony with a nice handle on it, I've got it!!!! $2500. You won't find a cuter or sweeter one anywhere!!!!

Cocoa Cocoa Cocoa Cocoa Cocoa Cocoa
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