Our Story

G&G Flatshod Farms was started by Gerald & Glenda Myers in 1994. Gerald was a natural trainer. Best known for riding horses without bridle, halter, or rein all day on the trails. Gerald believed a well trained horse would never go to slaughter.

In 1978 Gerald met Glenda at Wranglers Camp. Glenda was in the rodeo circuit at UT Martin. She and her daughter Angie were camping when she caught his eye. The 2 married in 1979 and Glenda moved to KY to start their lives on the farm. Through the years Gerald continued to train and the whole family rode together. Gerald, Glenda, and Angie began showing speed racking horses and all of the quarter horses were replaced with smooth gaited horses. In the late 80’s Gerald retired from the plants of Calvert City and opened his own business. He always dreamed of training and selling horses for a living rather than a hobby. In 1994 that dream became a reality. 3 years later Gerald suffered a major accident and was unable to ride. He switched to horse and wagon and continued to enjoy the trails with Glenda and his family. In 2012 Gerald died at age 64.

Glenda stepped up and continued the business. She single handedly grew G&G. Over the next 7 years she continued to offer the most beautiful and trained horses to all of her clients. In 2019 Glenda died at the age of 62. Today, Angie Bogard continues to run the business. So many people (and horses) depended on G&G to to match great horses with riders. It was Gerald and Glenda’s dream, and it needed to go on. Glenda and Gerald loved their clients. Making the videos and all the comedy they went along with it… Getting feedback from the buyers after the sale… you were their friends, and they enjoyed every minute. So many farms have come along and copied the business model Gerald and Glenda started all those years ago. We were one of the 1st, if not the 1st. If you have followed us from the beginning, you remember when they mailed the videos on VHS tape. So much has changed, but one thing remains… we are a family owned and run business. We sell the best trail horses to the best clients, and we stand behind every horse we sell. G&G continues to grow. We now offer boarding, training, sales, and are opening a venue to share the farm with others. We appreciate each and every client and we hope to continue to earn your business.

We GUARANTEE our horses to be sound, free of drugs, and be just like we represent them to the best of our ability. That way, when you get your guy home, if you are surprised you will be pleasantly so. Our horses are also sold with a current coggins and a vet check to assure you that you are not only getting a happy, loving horse, you are also getting a healthy horse. All this is at our expense.

We also extend an offer for you to come and ride the horse of your choice on our trails in the woods and fields so you can really get the feel of him and see how he maneuvers and experience the smoothness of his ride.

With 30-40 horses on our farm at all times you will have a wide variety to choose from. If by a small chance we do not have what you are looking for we will be happy to try and find your dream horse for you.

Call us with your wish list, come on down and experience the ride of a lifetime. If there is just not enough time to come down, DVD's are available, just let me know and I will be happy to get one out to you!

We would also be happy to assist you with shipping your new buddy or handling shipping totally, whatever we can do to make your experience more pleasant.

Our Return Policy

Within the first 30 days after purchasing a horse from us, if you are dissatisfied with your horse for any reason, you may exchange for another horse. If you pick a higher priced horse, you pay the difference. If you chose a lower priced horse, we will pay you the difference. We sincerely hope you never need to use this policy, but if the occasion should present itself, there will be no misunderstanding on how our guarantee works. We do not refund money, but will work extremely hard to have you, our customer, satisfied. Return shipping and delivery of your new horse is the responsibility of the buyer.

Grade horses are aged by a veterinarian who does their coggins. G&G Flatshod Farms does not guarantee the age of any horse we sell without registration papers. Any horse returned or traded to G&G must be vet checked before shipping or returning to us. Vet check must be sent to G&G to review before horse is sent. Owner will be responsible for all return fees and expenses if horse arrives sick, lame, injured, or with any health issues not disclosed and accepted by G&G.

Any horse returned or traded to G&G must be vet checked. Vet check must be sent to G&G to review before horse is sent. Owner is responsible for the horse until accepted in writing by G&G Flatshod Farms. Acceptance will be within 48 hours of horse arriving.

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