We had people coming and noticing how super our pads were and each time I would get the phone number for our customers to order themselves a pad. We decided to make it easier on our customers so we started stocking them ourselves. We are pleased to announce that we have added Tacky Tack pads to our line up of outstanding quality tack items. We have been using them for several years ourselves and they have proven to be the best pads we have ever used and feel you will think so too.

They are not exactly like a lot of the pads that you will see in magazines because they have double thickness in the shoulders and pressure points. They are not the thin pads that some catalogs advertise. The major advantages to these pads are.

  1. You can wash them and put them right back on your horse.
  2. Your horses back will stay cool becasue his sweat will go through the grooves.
  3. They will hold your saddle on like a suction on his back so you don't have to tighten your saddle as much.

The pads have proven to us their worth and quality and have definitely earned the right to be on our web page. They are available in the following colors: