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Duke & Tex:

I bought these two, Tex & Duke from G & G. They are the loves of my life and everything Glenda said they'd be. They are actually good buddies, but Duke is quite a bit younger than Tex, so Tex has to put him in his place from time to time, as you can see here.

Question of Honor:

I have had Question for about a year and a half now. He has been everything I could have wanted. What a gentle soul. An easy rider who will do anything you ask. When I first saw him, I was concerned because he was sooo tall and yes I have to find something to help me get on him. But he doesn't mind. And what a fun ride. Gaits with little work on my part and goes forever. Has been so much fun that my husband has now purchased a gaited horse too. Once again we went to visit Glenda and once again we got a great horse.


Molly has been everything and more than what glenda described her as. She is safe enough i never think twice about riding my three year old daughter in a buddy seat or letting my wife ride this mare pregnant. We have ridden molly three seasons and we just cant stop thanking glenda and gerald for putting my preciouse cargo on such a solid ride. Infact last fall i decided it was time for a new horse for myself. Being so satisfied with molly we called glenda put in my order and along came fancy our second gg horse. We truelly hold glenda near and dear and would shop no where else when it comes time to buy a horse. Thanks again for a great program you all put together down there.

Cody's Golden Sun

Cody's Golden Sun:

Hi Glenda, Thought you might like an update on Cody. Not too many 84 year olds are lucky enough to have a buddy like he has been, he takes good care of me and loves all the attention he gets. I can't believe this is my fifth summer with him, hope I have at least ten more. Thanks for selling me such a wonderful horse. Alice



10yo. Ky.Mt. horse. Bought him from pictures Glenda 's word and a video from Flatshod Farm. Would do it the same way again.



Gerald and Glenda, just thought I would send you an update since I haven't in awhile...Domino and I have joined a new drill team and his black coat sure sets off our colors, can you believe it has been 10 yrs since he came into my life as a scrawny 3 yr old? He still runs to me from where ever he is, always anxious to do anything and seems to just really enjoy my company if we just hang out! I can't imagine having a better equine companion and can't bear to think about him getting older..we have covered so much ground and done so many things together, he is loved by everyone who meets him and is such a character he always makes me laugh, thanks for giving me years of pleasure with a truly amazing animal!!!

Golden Bella A.K.A Bella

Golden Bella A.K.A Bella:

We purchased Bella in May 2010. When I went down to G & G, I told them that I didn't care about gender, age, and or color. Just wanted something my daughter could ride and be safe on. I had lots to choose from. I had it narrowed down to 2 mares. I was torn, they would let me ride each till I could make up my mind,(which took awhile), but then Glenda said she would choose Bella. I took her word for it, Sami(daughter) and I couldn't be happier. She is everything we asked for. Thanks Gerald & Glenda for the two wonderful horses we got from you. My only sadness it that we won't get to see you for awhile. :(



I purchased Rocket May 2009. He just turned 3. Was wondering what I got myself into with a young horse, but I will never trade him for anything. I couldn't be happier with him. Thanks Glenda and Gerald, for this beautiful boy.

DIERKS (formally RED)

DIERKS (formally RED):

Hi Gerald and Glenda, Ive meaning to do this a while now. I can't begin to tell you enough how much Dierks has meant to me in my life. He fills all my days with happiness and pure joy. I can't see him enough or spend enough time with him. A true gift and a true friend that Ive been longing for all my life. He is the best horse ever! My first and one of many Im sure from you both. Thank you so very much for helping and guiding me through the whole process. Ill be sending you updates and more pictures Im sure. Take care and God bless.

A Texas Storm and A Snip of Houston

A Texas Storm and A Snip of Houston:

I just wanted to let you in on the two best horses in the world they carried us as we married yesterday. Storm and Houston are doing so well we love our boys. Thank you so much.

Feel Good Spiderman

Feel Good Spiderman:

Spiderman is such an amazing friend to have. He was my first horse. He has been with me for a little over four months, and I have loved having him every wakeing moment. He is a pleasure to have with me. Although he has been going through past health issues, he is still my dream horse. When we first got him, I had a broken shoulder. So we both got to go through rehab together! Haha. I love riding him! He is one of the smoothest horses I have ever riden. I really tries for me and pushes himself to please me! Also, Spiderman is such a beautiful boy. I have never seen a horse like him. He is truely a Dream Horse!!