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Feel Good Spiderman

Feel Good Spiderman:

Spiderman is such an amazing friend to have. He was my first horse. He has been with me for a little over four months, and I have loved having him every wakeing moment. He is a pleasure to have with me. Although he has been going through past health issues, he is still my dream horse. When we first got him, I had a broken shoulder. So we both got to go through rehab together! Haha. I love riding him! He is one of the smoothest horses I have ever riden. I really tries for me and pushes himself to please me! Also, Spiderman is such a beautiful boy. I have never seen a horse like him. He is truely a Dream Horse!!

Lakota Black Bear

Lakota Black Bear:

Lakota is an AMAZING horse, and has taught me so much about gaied horses, and horses in gneral. He has made me a great rider, to the point where I can start training gaited horses! He such a great horse, and I honestly could not have asked for a better horse. I've been teaching him liberty training, and bridleless riding, and let me tell you he is great! I can ride him anywhere with just a rope around his neck! I love him so dearly, and hes the best horse ever! I also own his brother, JC's Flashy Blue Threat!

Bucks Handyman

Bucks Handyman:

Buck came originally for G&G Flatshod. The original owners got out of riding and I was lucky enough to find Buck. I was thru with horses but I went to see him at my friends urging. Just standing there at his shoulder looking at him, he reached around and hugged me. My friends said "He never did that to me!" Buck snapped me out of depression and absolutely chose me. He was used for a Field Trial Horse which is all about all out speed. He hadn't been ridden in 3 years. When I first got on him, he wouldn't move until I asked the 3rd time and then he had this most beautiful rythm that I ever had experienced. Coming off some bad experiences with other horses, within 15 minutes I let go of my death grip - which is one hand on the saddle horn and reins and the other hand on the reins as well, to just holding the reins with one hand - lightly almost just using my fingers. He has been an absolute angel from heaven and became my partner. He never questioned my authority and was always asking me what it was that I exactly wanted. There are so many wonderful stories about him, that I could easily go on and on. I love him with all of my heart and I even dream about him at times. I am somewhat disabled and I totally trust Buck. He reaches down to your soul and knows how to give what you want and what you need. We have 5 other horses from G&G, they are all awesome horses and we get compliments all of the time about them. The have good minds, good health, solid foundations and are wonderful companions!

Hunter's Comet

Hunter's Comet:

Dear Glenda, I hope this finds it's way to your testimonial page because I want to share with anyone visiting your website, how happy I am with the purchase of my new horse, Hunter. Just to give you a refresher, I'm the lady who has been through multiple horses and couldn't find the perfect fit for me. It was either because I had been misrepresented, or because I foolishly thought I could handle that particular horse that was too young or too wild. Well you sold me Hunter and this was horse number 4. Needless to say, I was very skeptical and worried that he too, would be uncompatible, but because of your kindness and help I trusted both you and Earl. I have to say, not only is Hunter beautiful, but he's kind, sweet, VERY smart (he didn't know neck reining but has started to pick it up after just one lesson) and a great great horse. I love him to death. I want to thank you so much for being honest with me and knowing exactly what I needed for a horse. It's about time!


This is Hadley (4 yrs.old) and Misty(6 yrs. old) they are quite a pair! Misty follows me around wherever I walk,with Hadley on her back. After we get done I help Hadley down, Misty lowers her head and Hadley kisses her on the nose and thanks her for the ride. It's precious! When she grooms her she stands on a 3 step mounting block and brushes away! Misty doesn't move a muscle.Glenda and Gerald, Hadley wanted me to thank-you for sending her Grandma such a nice horse, or in her words "that was very nice of them to send us Misty" We lost our pony a few months ago to cushings so Misty came into our lives at a great time. She is such a versatil horse. When I ride her she walks right off and gaits beautifully. She has given me my confidence back! I just wanted to tell anyone looking at Glenda and Gerald's site, tell Glenda what you are looking for and even if you see one you love on their site, if Gerald and Glenda suggest another horse they think might work better for you, listen hard because they know their horses and they know what they are talking about. I know because it happened to me with Misty. I was looking at one horse then they suggested Misty. She was shipped to me and we couldn't be happier with her. She is not the horse I would have picked, but Glenda knew better and she was so right! Misty is perfect for us and we wouldn't trade her for anything. She is weclome in our barn forever! Thanks again Glenda and Gerald you really know your horses! Patsy from Illinois!

Bailey's Creme Soda

Bailey's Creme Soda:

Bailey arrived last week and it was love at first sight! He is the sweetest, gentlest, most eager to please, laid back guy I have ever met. Thanks Glenda and Gerald, he is truly my dream horse. I will keep you posted as to our adventures!

Apache's Uprising

Apache's Uprising:

Greetings Glenda! Hope you remember us as it’s been a while since I have written. Lots happened this year, but my goal for Apache and I was to win Grand Champion in the Crystal Crown Series. Well, we worked and played, worked and played…and really just blossomed as a team this year. The trust level is thru the roof and I know that there is nothing in the world that Apache wouldn’t do for me. ANYWAY, WE WON!!!!! Just found out earlier this week. That’s right, Apache/I won the title of 2011 Crystal Crown Grand Champion. I am so damn proud. Ya know, he doesn’t do it for the ribbons, awards or bragging rights…he does it for me and for that alone, I am the proudest horse mama on the face of the planet. I can’t help but think of his journey. I bought him online, he was my first gaited horses and I had no idea what I was doing. This horse has really taught me how to ride and be a better equestrian. He took 8th overall as a 3 year old (which is crazy unheard of), 5th as a 4 year old, Reserve Champion as a 5 year old and now at only 6 years old, Grand Champion. Truly amazing. Even better, we had fun in the process…win, win for both of us. So, including a picture of us from last Saturday while camping at Flint Hill for the weekend. Next weekend, we are off to Doswell to compete in a John Lyons/Kenny Harlow Trail Challenge at the Equine Extravaganza. Yeah, running with the big dogs now. LOL. Truth be told, an Animal Communicator told me that Apache wants to be cheered by a crowd. Hokey or not, his wish is my command and off we go…. Hope all is well and I hope you are as proud of our boy as I am!!!!!!!

Cartier's Ultra Delight

Cartier's Ultra Delight:

Glenda and Gerald...a huge thank you for bringing Cartier into my life!! From the first (of many) e-mails/phone calls to the delivery last week...it has been a wonderful experience! I know I had a fairly long wish list and you matched us perfectly! It was great to visit your farm..thanks again for the warm hospitality...plus to be able to ride on the track; go thru your obstacle course and out for a trail ride all helped to know that Cartier fit my needs. He was delivered just 5 days ago and even tho he has been great in the stall, handling, in the ring etc etc. I could hardly wait for our first trail ride which happened today!! What can I say??...trailered well; we took old roads; in the woods and into the river and he was unfazed. My mare has fallen for him too...good taste!! Thanks again for everything!! Ellen

Painted Hawkeye

Painted Hawkeye:

Hawkeye is such a sweety and we sure do love him.So thankful to G & G Flatshod Farms for bringing him into my life!!

Batman and Bon Bon

Batman and Bon Bon:

Bon Bon and Batman are two of the best horses we've ever had! Glenda and Gerald really know how to pick their horses, and their descriptions of the horses are completely true. We've used them on trails and in the ring countless times and are always absolutely perfect. All we can say is THANK YOU!

Gallo Rojo

Gallo Rojo:

Since I sent in the story about Prince Phillip, I felt compelled to submit something in about Gallo Rojo, the TWH I bought 6 yrs. ago from Glenda and Gerald. This is a picture of me and Gallo getting ready for our local July 4th parade. If you look closely, you can see Prince Phillip tied to our trailer behind Gallo. As I mentioned before when talking about Prince Phillip, the parade begins with a fly over of F16 Fighter Jets! It is very very loud, but these horses don't flinch with the noise. Since I wrote such a long story about Prince Phillip, I will try to keep this one shorter. Gallo has a kind heart and will try to do whatever I ask of him and will go wherever I direct him. He never says no, even if he is a little unsure of something. I have trail ridden him all on many different trails in our region in MA, through all different types of terrain, through rivers, traffic, etc. often times in a group of 30-40 riders. He will lead, ride in the middle, or he will follow the group. He is energetic and a bit spirited, but is level headed at the same time. One of our favorite benefit rides begins at a sportsmans club. Well, in the morning, there is a turkey shoot going on fairly close to our horse trailers and they do fine with that. He came to me with excellent ground manners and he, as well as Prince Phillip, is a pleasure to have at our farm. I have never cared much for horses that have destructive or rude behaviors. These two horses are just nice to have around and they are friendly to visitors at the barn. Both Gallo and Prince Phillip will just hop on the trailer and truck well. They will also tie as long as you need to at the trailer (or even to a tree!) without breaking away. Also, I can put Gallo in the trailer after the winter off, and literally take him on his first ride of the season (taking it easy of course) in a strange place with a group of horses he doesn't know and he is fine! How many horses can do that?...and I have done that with Gallo more than once! He is such a loving horse too. He will often leave his feed and come stand near me quietly while I do chores. What more can I say?! Thanks for this sweet beautiful horse!