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Gallo Rojo

Gallo Rojo:

Since I sent in the story about Prince Phillip, I felt compelled to submit something in about Gallo Rojo, the TWH I bought 6 yrs. ago from Glenda and Gerald. This is a picture of me and Gallo getting ready for our local July 4th parade. If you look closely, you can see Prince Phillip tied to our trailer behind Gallo. As I mentioned before when talking about Prince Phillip, the parade begins with a fly over of F16 Fighter Jets! It is very very loud, but these horses don't flinch with the noise. Since I wrote such a long story about Prince Phillip, I will try to keep this one shorter. Gallo has a kind heart and will try to do whatever I ask of him and will go wherever I direct him. He never says no, even if he is a little unsure of something. I have trail ridden him all on many different trails in our region in MA, through all different types of terrain, through rivers, traffic, etc. often times in a group of 30-40 riders. He will lead, ride in the middle, or he will follow the group. He is energetic and a bit spirited, but is level headed at the same time. One of our favorite benefit rides begins at a sportsmans club. Well, in the morning, there is a turkey shoot going on fairly close to our horse trailers and they do fine with that. He came to me with excellent ground manners and he, as well as Prince Phillip, is a pleasure to have at our farm. I have never cared much for horses that have destructive or rude behaviors. These two horses are just nice to have around and they are friendly to visitors at the barn. Both Gallo and Prince Phillip will just hop on the trailer and truck well. They will also tie as long as you need to at the trailer (or even to a tree!) without breaking away. Also, I can put Gallo in the trailer after the winter off, and literally take him on his first ride of the season (taking it easy of course) in a strange place with a group of horses he doesn't know and he is fine! How many horses can do that?...and I have done that with Gallo more than once! He is such a loving horse too. He will often leave his feed and come stand near me quietly while I do chores. What more can I say?! Thanks for this sweet beautiful horse!

Tex and Rocky

Tex and Rocky:

Glenda, What can I say about the 2 great horses that we got from you? They are kind and gentle enough that even the boys (ages 7 and 5) are able to mosey around on them. In this picture, you can see the joy in the faces of my little ones when they are in the saddle. They love riding almost as much as they love jumping in mud puddles, as you can tell by their jeans :-) On the day that this picture was taken, Chris and I were riding in the covered arena, and the boys just had to have their turn. (Don't worry about the jumps that you see in the background that the owner trains her hunter/jumpers on...our guys simply look at and step right over them if asked, just like in all of the videos on your web site). It's amazing how they know when our sons are on their backs as opposed to one of us, they are so careful, well behaved and really take care of them! Even Tex wont go faster than a slow walk when they boys are in the saddle, no matter how much noise they make or how many times they try to give him a little kick, and you know how FAST he walks! We get more complements on how gorgeous our guys are than any other horse (and there are a lot of them) at the barn where we board. It's hard to not say "We know!" Now they they've lost their winter coats, they as shiney and sleek as ever. BTW, we love the saddles too! They are SO comfortable. We can ride all day without any soreness. We recommend them to all of our other horsey friends that trail ride.

Kenos Gold

Kenos Gold:

another picture of my sweet Kenos gold Thanks so much for a great horse!!!Joey

Kenos Gold

Kenos Gold:

Keno is a sweetie! Loves attention. Did not get to ride him for the first two months because of the weather and having bronchitis. Rode him for the first time the first week in may and he was a dear. Love him more each day!

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip:

Where do I begin? Phillip or Prince Phillip as we call him, came to our farm 6 yrs. ago. A horse boarder at my farm purchased him from Glenda and Gerald several months after I bought my Tennessee Walker from them, who by the way is a wonderful horse too. My children have been riding Prince Phillip for several years and now we own him. He was one of the occasional non gaited horses sold at GG Flatshod Farms. This sweet horse is one of the kindest and most level headed horses we have ever owned. My 14 yr. old daughter started riding him when she was 10. He has been safe for her to trail ride on. Now we let her ride him out on short trails by herself on him and she also takes him on big organized rides. Often, she will take him for a short ride down our dirt road bareback with just his halter and lead ropes attached. This horse walks back to the farm as calmly as he walks away even when he is ridden out alone! One day, she set up her camera and filmed herself cantering around the ring bareback with her reins tied in a knot and dropped and arms out to the side kind of like the clip from the Black Stallion movie years ago! This will be our 3rd year riding as mother and daughter in our local July 4th parade, my daughter on Prince Phillip and me on Gallo Rojo, my TWH I bought from Glenda's. This parade begins with a fly over of Air Force F-15 fighter jets!! talk about loud--no problem for these two horses!! Glenda said that Prince Phillip drives, but we have never hitched him to a cart. To round out ALL of his abilities, he is also an awesome show horse. He is unique to look at and his glorious mane, tail, and feathers draws a lot of attention. My daughter schooled him in the ring and started showing him in 4H a few years ago. He is talented and willing, so over time they worked there way up in the ribbons. Well, last year every show she took him in, they won their division championship, including her second year getting division championship at the very large 4H regional show! At the end of the year, they won an award for high point champion for her division for a horse show series over the season in the western part of our state. To top that off, my 6 yr. old daughter won reserve high point champion for this same series of shows that she rode him lead line in! My 14 yr. old daughter also won an award on Prince Phillip for highest score in trail class in the county at the regional show two years ago and we learned that she actually had the highest trail class score of all of the 154 entries from various counties showing in trail class at that show! Prince Phillip is just plain EASY! Not only a nice horse to trail ride, parade, show, and trust with your children but also a pleasure to have around the farm. What more could one ask for? Thank you for finding us Prince Phillip the wonder horse!!

Batman and Bon Jovi

Batman and Bon Jovi:

We absolutely love our new horses! They are the kindest sweetest horses ever and so brave. Nothing bothers them and we feel very safe riding them along the road and on the trails. We took them Christmas caroling the second day they were here and they were champs. Even a blow up elf popping out of a Christmas display didn't make them flinch! We love how gentle they are and how easy they are to handle on the ground. Thanks so much for our new best friends! Love, Justin and Morgan. P.S. We hope to get out there and meet you some day... maybe bring home another horse!

Batman and Bon Jovi

Batman and Bon Jovi:

Glenda, Thank you so much! Today is only Batman and Bon Jovi's (formerly "Golden Dude") first day, but already we are in love! As they stepped off the trailer, they were not spooked at all and were perfectly calm. We couldn't believe that this was our Christmas surprise stepping out of the trailer. They just sniffed around and did not go crazy or neigh to all the other horses at all. We walked them up to a stream, and at first they were like "No way!", but after the first time they walked through it like they had done it a million times. They were perfect for brushing and when we put on blankets. Bon Bon even didn't flinch as we put on 3 blankets trying to find one that fit. 2 of the blankets had to go over his head, but he was awesome with being in darkness for a few seconds! Overall, they were troopers! Thanks for everything! This is the BEST Christmas EVER! Morgan and Justin



At the age of 53, over the summer I decided to purchase my first gaited horse. After looking at G & G Flatshod Farms website a million times and talking to Glenda for about 3 weeks, my husband and I decided to make that 9-hr. trip from SC. After trying out several horses, I decided to bring home "Scooter" - a 3 year old spotted saddle horse gelding. As we're traveling home, I'm thinking to myself - am I crazy? . . . an old lady riding a 3 year old horse? Well, Scooter has turned out to be the sweetest and most laid-back, sensible horse that I have ever ridden. On the first trail ride, we went to the Virginia mountains where we crossed deep creeks, lots of logs and went straight up and down rocky hills. He handled it like a "pro". He loves trail riding and is not spooky. He and I have bonded and I am looking forward to many more trail rides with "Scooter". Thanks Glenda!!

Persuasions lucky Dreamer:

I've had Dreamer for almost a year now, and I couldn't ask for a better buddy. I trail ride all the time and it just gets better every time I take him. i will definately buy from you all again(when my barn gets finished). You all were right about his Canter... SMOOTH and what a great ride!!!



Breezy has been a delight from day one. She came off the trailer as calm as could be, gets along with the other horses, and takes me anywhere I ask her to on the trails. Her ground manners are great so she is a favorite in the barn. Thank you, Glenda, for helping me find my perfect fit. Jackie

Apache's Uprising

Apache's Uprising:

I purchased Apache from G&G 2+ years ago. Having been a rider and horse owner all my life, I can say without hesitation that Apache is the smartest, kindest, most willing and brave partner that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. At the age of 2, Apache took 8th overall in the Crystal Crown, a series of competitive 10 miles/10 obstacles judged pleasure rides in Northern VA. In 2009, Apache outdid himself and moved up to 5th place overall. As of this writing and after 3 events, Apache is currently in 2nd place overall. He does it all!...teeter totters, dragging, cattle, jumping...name it and he excels. His speciality is anything "scary" that would send most horses running for the next county. He puts his heart into everything he does. Apache is also part of the Manassas National Battlefield Volunteer Mounted Patrol program and has been doing so since he was 2 yo. Additionally, we camp, do cowboy challenges, compete in ACHTA rides. On a scale of 1-10, my boy is a 50! There is no amount of money that I would accept to sell him. He is "that" horse that any horseperson would wish to have as a partner. If I am ever in the market again, I will be knocking on G&G's door. Period. Very happy G&G customer, Kari