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Apache's Uprising

Apache's Uprising:

I purchased Apache from G&G 2+ years ago. Having been a rider and horse owner all my life, I can say without hesitation that Apache is the smartest, kindest, most willing and brave partner that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. At the age of 2, Apache took 8th overall in the Crystal Crown, a series of competitive 10 miles/10 obstacles judged pleasure rides in Northern VA. In 2009, Apache outdid himself and moved up to 5th place overall. As of this writing and after 3 events, Apache is currently in 2nd place overall. He does it all!...teeter totters, dragging, cattle, jumping...name it and he excels. His speciality is anything "scary" that would send most horses running for the next county. He puts his heart into everything he does. Apache is also part of the Manassas National Battlefield Volunteer Mounted Patrol program and has been doing so since he was 2 yo. Additionally, we camp, do cowboy challenges, compete in ACHTA rides. On a scale of 1-10, my boy is a 50! There is no amount of money that I would accept to sell him. He is "that" horse that any horseperson would wish to have as a partner. If I am ever in the market again, I will be knocking on G&G's door. Period. Very happy G&G customer, Kari

It's A Rap

It's A Rap:

Rap hasn't even been with me for a week yet, but I already know he is the most wonderful horse!!!! He is so sweet!!! Loves to be out on the trails and nothing bothers him!! I couldn't be happier!!!!

Ode to a Shadow (Cookie)

Ode to a Shadow (Cookie):

Glenda and Gerald, I can not begin to thank you enough for the amazing horse that we have gotten in Ode to a Shadow or as we know him, "Cookie". I know that you spent numerous times on the phone and emails, with my wife Lynn trying to identify what it is I was looking for in a horse. I know this was an extremely difficult battle since I was very specific and critical about what was looking for in "that" horse. Glenda, you and Lynn decided that Ode to a Shadow was "that" horse and that you truely believed that this would be a fit. I was sceptical but decided to trust you and Lynn. Ode to a Shadow arrived a few short weeks ago, the second day here I began riding him and he was just as described "a horse most anyone could ride, and extremely safe". His pictures on your site did not do him justice for he is a spectacular looking fellow. His quiet and calm personality and affectionate attitude toward Lynn and myself was exactly what I had been looking for in my personal horse. His gaits are smooth in all speeds and he has the ability to deliver cantering and galloping to me when he is asked. He is an extremely fun horse to ride, and I see why you considered him a confidence builder. We have ridden him every free moment that we have had to test what his knowledge is and what his abilities are. We were so surprised at how well he rides with our other horses, be it in front, back, or beside another horse. He has adapted well into our small herd of horses and we have been immensely happy for that. We took "Cookie" for a extreme test ride today, going into extremely difficult long ledged trails and ravines as well as extreme climbs that test a horses ability to the limit. Many horse can't complete this trail due to the difficulty, but "Cookie" scored an A+ in our books! Nothing we have thrown at him seems to ruffle him. He got better as it got harder. I never thought that I would have been able replace the horse I lost last year, EVER! I was wrong! This horse is everything in personality that my old horse was to me; a friend, besides being a strong and well trained horse that I am already bonding with and will be able to enjoy for many many years to come. I can't believe he is only 4 years old! Here is a picture from todays ride. Thank you for the gift of Ode to a Shadow, "Cookie".

Buck's Sandman (Bucky)

Buck's Sandman (Bucky):

Hi Glenda, Here's a recent pic of my best boy in the springtime AZ desert. I bought Buck from you almost 6 years ago so this is a long overdue update. Thanks to your matchmaking skills, he was just what I needed to improve my riding skills and boost my confidence. We ride in some very rough, rocky and mountainous terrain here, but I know that my horse is very surefooted and can safely negotiate his way up and down most any trail. Plus his gaits are very comfortable, he has tons of stamina and can go all day! I wouldn't trade him for anything. We're looking forward to adding a new SSH from G&G to our home in a couple of weeks.



Phantom loves his new home! Thanks so much for making Phantom a great horse! Blessings The Stubbs

Mighty General (Cotton)

Mighty General (Cotton):

Recently came back with 3 horses from G&G. This is Mighty General, nicknamed Cotton, since he looks like the cotton on our farm in TN. Glenda and Gerald are so nice to deal with, and always strive to satisfy their customers.



Howdy Glenda Jag seems to have found his new home ! Absolutely, a wonderful addition and is working out just fine I wanted to say "THANK YOU" for all your efforts It was nice to do business with you

Evil's Moonlight Dancer

Evil's Moonlight Dancer:

About the time Dancer and I were celebrating our first anniversary, we moved him to a new place on the outskirts of town. We have direct trail access at the new place, and our big boy is so happy to be able to get out and see the sights. We've been taking some lessons with a Parelli trainer recently, and I've attached a photo of Dancer's first foray onto the savvy stool. He thinks it's great because he gets lots of treats. Speaking of which, I thought I'd share my recipe for Dancer's favorite flas seed cookies: 3 cups ground flax seed 1 cup dry rolled oats 1 cup whole oats ½ cup molasses 1 cup no-sugar-added applesauce Preheat oven to 325 and lightly grease cookies sheets. Mix dry ingredients together, then stir in molasses and applesauce. Knead with hands, then form into golf-ball size balls (about 1.5 inches in diameter). Flatten cookies as you place them on the sheets so that they are 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter. (You can keep the dough from sticking to your hands by dipping them in water occasionally as you work.) Bake for 20 minutes, cool on racks. Feed to horse. If feeding flax seed as a dietary supplement to improve skin, coat and hooves, it is recommended that you feed about ½ cup per day. That works out to about three cookies. Thanks again for my lovely, best-ever pal!



Hi Glenda! Here is a picture of Daybreak & me taken on Sat.at our first event. It was a evaluation for the Volunteer Horse Patrol,series of tests and obstacles and we passed them all. I am so proud of Daybreak, he did so well,I only ride him in a bitless bridle! We are having a blast together, the bond we have is incredible. Kristen & Stormy passed also, Stormy did great!

Wired Legacy

Wired Legacy:

Just wanted to submit this shot also. It too is one of my favorite. This is us in the Krewe of Persius parade in Slidell, La. this past Mardi Gras 2009.

Wired Legacy

Wired Legacy:

This is Wire and I riding in the Krewe of Carrollton, an uptown New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. It's hard to believe that it will be 5 years in July since I purchased him from you guys. He's great with a super disposition, and no bad habits. I couldn't ask for a better companion nor parade horse either. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Flat Shod Farms to all. If I am ever in the market for another gaited horse, G & G Flatshod will be my first and only stop. Thank you both ever so much.