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Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You:

Here is "Dreaming of You" driving in harness in our beautiful Maine countryside. We bought Dreamer as a riding horse and then found out after that he also drives! We've been thoroughly enjoying him and going all over the countryside in our Meadowbrook with him. We have 5 horses from G & G Flatshod and we wouldn't trade a one of them! They have five very different personalities, but every one of them has a big heart, a calm temperament and a willingness to do whatever we ask of them. Richard and Elizabeth

Cody's Golden Sun

Cody's Golden Sun:

Cody is what I have been looking for for the past twenty years. He is a real buddy, loves attention. He is the only horse I have ever had who actually likes his head hugged, beside that he is so easy on my aging body to ride, has a wonderful walk, really covers the ground, a lovely easy gait and a neat smooth canter. Stands perfectly still for me to mount and dismount. I am having a BLAST with this Horse Thank you Glenda

Sunny Delight

Sunny Delight:

Sunny and I are having so much fun together. Here we are in front of the cotton fields of Tennessee. My experience at G&G Flatshod Farms was wonderful, and I brought home my dream horse!

Patches Of Red

Patches Of Red:

Glenda, Just thought you would like to see Patches of Red. I bought him from you in January of 2006, a few weeks after I lost my other horse in a barn fire. I really needed a buddy type horse and Patches is my very best friend. He is everything you said he was and MORE! We get compliments everywhere we go. Just took the picture of him and I standing in a field of wildflowers today and I thought it would be a neat picture to send you. Patches sure is the grand prize and we will grow old together! Keep up the good work finding those wonderful horses for us! Debbie Debbie

Gracie and Jewel

Gracie and Jewel:

I wanted to update my picture of my horses,Gracie and Jewel. They are doing wonderful. Gracie is a great mom, and Jewel is just so very sweet! I enjoy all the time I spend with them! Thanks again Glenda for Gracie!

Kodak's Bell Boy

Kodak's Bell Boy:

Bought Kodak as a 2 y.o. from Glenda and Gerald. Didn't go looking for a youngster (I'm 55 now), but he found me and locked his black eyes on me as I prowled the stalls. He turned 3 on the trails at Acadia Natl park, the calmest horse in our group of 17. He turned 4 there this year, steady in the face of sheer cliffs and fog, doing 20 miles a day. Sun, rain, New England snow - this boy is ready to go. Showy, but gentle as a lamb. If he understands what you want, he will give it. He trusts humans so much I have a feeling he'd leap straight off the cliffs if asked. Love him.

Silver Belle and Jackrabbit

Silver Belle and Jackrabbit:

I purchased Silver Belle in Sept., 2007. She is a wonderful horse. She is everything Glenda promised she would be. To our surprise, we found out she was with foal. On June 13th, 2008(Friday the 13th) our colt, Jackrabbit, arrived! The result is in the photo.

Evil's Moonlight Dancer

Evil's Moonlight Dancer:

Couldn't resist sending one more photo of my big boy Dancer. He often follows me around like a faithful puppy without need for a halter and rope--what a great pal he is!

Evil's Moonlight Dancer

Evil's Moonlight Dancer:

I waited about half a century to get a horse but Dancer was worth the wait! He is the sweetest fella who ever walked the earth and clearly the most handsome as well. I moved him recently to a new stable closer to our home and he loves it there. Sunday we took our new 10-week-old Pharaoh Hound puppy over to meet him and in true Dancer fashion, he approached her slowly to keep her from being scared and then gave her a big smooch.

Just A Whisper & Poncho Eliminator's Golden Sun

Just A Whisper & Poncho Eliminator's Golden Sun:

I would first like to advise anyone who is considering a new horse to please contact Glenda first. I have been riding for 20+ years and I had a horse that was not a match for me. I had lost a lot of confidence and was about to give up riding. I began looking online at other horses and stumbled onto Glenda's site. I was amazed at what I read and I liked the looks of several horses on the site. Amazingly enough my husband's work was sending him to KY and I called Glenda and told her what I was looking for and she told me about several horses that she had that might fit the bill. When we got to her farm it was amazing. We walked by one of the barn doors and I saw this little white face looking out at me. Glenda greeted us and she pointed to the horse with the little white face and asked if he was to small for me. He was only 14.1 and I thought for a minute my friends are going to laugh at me for riding him but there was something about him. I like to say it was love at first sight. I rode Whisper and I didn't want to get off and I didn't want to leave him! Glenda had found me my perfect match and what was even funnier was he was not one of the horses that she had mentioned on the phone. He is the love of my life. You know that once in a life time horse that does anything for you and is so full of personality that you just spend most of your time laughing when you are around him. He is also extremely well trained. I don't have to worry about anything with him. I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. And let me tell you ride we do! We just came back from the Big South Fork where we spent 5 days out of 6 riding and having a ball. This picture was taken at one of our local riding areas Fair Hill. We had just finished a 4 hour ride. The other horse in the picture is my husbands Poncho. Glenda not only created magic once she did it twice. My husband has back problems and riding his arabian did not help. He finally decided it was time to go gaited. We called and emailed Glenda about several horses but none of them seemed just right. We had planned a trip to her place because I though buying a horse from one of her video's was just crazy. We ended up having to cancel. We were disappointed but a few weeks later when I talked to Glenda she had a horse in mind for us. She sent us the video and pictures and answered all my questions and we decided to purchase Poncho. I am happy to say he has been a dream come true for my husband and I. He does every thing right. He goes where ever my husband points him. You would never know he just turned 3! He also is a very fancy mover and my husband happily has no more back pain from riding! He is also drop dead gorgeous the picture here doesn't do him justice. Thank you so much Glenda!

Apache's Uprising

Apache's Uprising:

I have been a self-proclaimed QH girl since the 3rd grade. Despite being surrounded by gaited horses (at the ripe age of 42), I refused to budge and spent most of my time "jogging" just to keep up. After losing my 3 year old QH to navicular, and wishing to never go thru that again, I went kicking and screaming to "the dark side" (as I like to jokingly refer to the gaited community) and decided to purchase a gaited horse. A good friend (and trainer) suggested that I look into G&G horses. After listening to my preferences and despite having more expensive horses for sale, Glenda gently guided me to Apache's Uprising, a 2 year old Spotted Saddle Horse, who she believed had the greatest natural aptitude to excel at competitive judged trail/pleasure rides...and right she was! I have had Apache only 5 months and since that time, he has excelled in all aspects of training and has ribboned in every division, in every ride in which we have entered to date. In addition to being an amazing fearless trail horse, I recently took him on his first camping trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The ride was longer and tougher than expected but Apache never quit and finished the ride, 8 hours later, with heart and determination. From where I sit and at the end of the day, Apache's goofy nature and loving spirit is far more valuable than looks or competitive ability...he has cured my broken heart...and for that, he is priceless in my eyes. There is no amount of money worth his value. Thank you Glenda...words cannot express my gratitude.