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Apache's Uprising

Apache's Uprising:

I have been a self-proclaimed QH girl since the 3rd grade. Despite being surrounded by gaited horses (at the ripe age of 42), I refused to budge and spent most of my time "jogging" just to keep up. After losing my 3 year old QH to navicular, and wishing to never go thru that again, I went kicking and screaming to "the dark side" (as I like to jokingly refer to the gaited community) and decided to purchase a gaited horse. A good friend (and trainer) suggested that I look into G&G horses. After listening to my preferences and despite having more expensive horses for sale, Glenda gently guided me to Apache's Uprising, a 2 year old Spotted Saddle Horse, who she believed had the greatest natural aptitude to excel at competitive judged trail/pleasure rides...and right she was! I have had Apache only 5 months and since that time, he has excelled in all aspects of training and has ribboned in every division, in every ride in which we have entered to date. In addition to being an amazing fearless trail horse, I recently took him on his first camping trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The ride was longer and tougher than expected but Apache never quit and finished the ride, 8 hours later, with heart and determination. From where I sit and at the end of the day, Apache's goofy nature and loving spirit is far more valuable than looks or competitive ability...he has cured my broken heart...and for that, he is priceless in my eyes. There is no amount of money worth his value. Thank you Glenda...words cannot express my gratitude.

A Tex Sandman

A Tex Sandman:

Thanks soooo much for hooking me and my family up with Sandman! He is such a great horse! I took him on his first trail ride yesterday.The place where I board him has 102 acres of nothing but trails through the woods! And Sandman did GREAT! He didn't spook, misbehave or anything! He did exactly as I said when I said it! And him and my other horse Jo Jo are Best Buds! They follow each other around in the pasture, and when I pull them up, I tie them real close to each other and feed them, after they are done, the scoot as close as they can get to each other, lean on each other, and fall asleep. It is soo cute! They rub on one another, and they don't care! I LOVE Sandman! Everyone says he's perfect! They complement on his gaits, and his tempermant for being a three year old, an just how GEORGIOUS he is! Thank you so much for letting us meet Sandman! He turned out to be the one and I have no doubts about him not being the perfect one for me and my family!!

Grace and her baby Jewel

Grace and her baby Jewel:

Ever since I got Grace she has been a wonderful horse. So wonderful that I wanted a foal from her. I'm blessed to have both of these horses. They are both my girls, and I love them very much! I hope everyone can enjoy this picture of them!



Hi Glenda, attached please find two photos of "Smokey". He is such a sweet natured horse! He turned 4 yrs old on April 1st. I just love to work around him as he is such a character! As you know, I bought him as my mare is 35 and I am trying to prepare to lose her soon. He is definitely a "partner", solid on the trails, good around other horses and very confident with me. We are having fun doing "parelli" ground work. I would DEFINTELY COME BACK TO YOU for another horse. I've told tons of people about you and I know one of them bought one of your saddles - I LOVE mine. Thank you for all you did and I am sorry to be out of touch. I did do a whole write up for your scrap book some time ago but then I couldn't get it to load.......I hope all is well with you and Gerald.....much thanks, Jeanne



Here is a awesome picture of a great couple together

Magic man

Magic man:

Dear Glenda and Gerald, I now have a little magic in my life! At 59 I decided I'd better make my dreams a reality or I might run out of time. As you know, I had not ridden for 25 years and decided it was now or never. You introduced me to Magic Man and I knew he was the horse for me. What a gem! All the ladies at the stable where I board him want a horse just like Magic. He got such a great personality, is always interested in everything around him and listens and responds to voice commands. He knows exactly what I am saying! Thank you for making my dreams come true. I promise to be a good shepherd for him. Blessings to you!

PT Cruiser

PT Cruiser:

He is a great riding partner. I can be off of him for 2 or 3 months, then get on him and he acts like he was just rode yesterday. He is not afraid of bears, coyotes, or gun shots. In fact, he was more interested in the grass under his feet than the bears the last time we saw them. He loves to chase deer if I am not on his back...hmmm, maybe next hunting season we can flank a buck...LOL!



Hi Glenda and Gerald, Just wanted to send you a picture (sorry the quality is so poor; it's a "still shot" from a video) of a recent Christmas parade I rode in, along with my friend Cindy on her TWH horse Jack. Wicked Masterpiece, who I call Rembrandt, was perfectly behaved and obedient and calm as always. Thanks again for a terrific horse!

Dude and Chief

Dude and Chief:

I wanted to send you a few pictures...................thought they were cute of Dude and his new buddy. They are great and we love them



Wanting to send a pictures of Klyde, me and some of our friends on the east coast. What fun we have!



Hi Glenda... It's me, Kim Hackett-Ort..with Klyde. (kaleidecsope too) He's still awesome! I still love him so much...he's fine and sassy now. He's such a perfect horse. Mike is riding him a lot this year, too. We saw you ad in the Yankee Walkers...we are having our final Yankee Walker ride for this year tomorrow...I'll sent pictures....I'm still riding with Loren and Brook's Little Lady and riding with Mara and Bounty too....Maybe I can get a picture of the three of us riding together... Happy Holidays....Kim